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What Are Your Emotional Intelligence? 5 Questions to Help You Figure It Out

Do you want to know your emotional intelligence? You can complete thorough assessments online to determine your EI level, but here are just five questions that can help you get a basic idea.

What Are Your Values?

Name a handful of values that are the most important to you. These should be the core values that guide your decision-making, the things you strive for in life.

This is a trick question. Ask yourself this: How long did it take to think of your core values? Are you still wondering what they are?

People with high emotional intelligence know their core values well. These values are always at the forefront of their mind. If you struggle to consider yours, you may need a little boost to your EI. Self-awareness is one of the cornerstones of EI, and improving your EI can help you become more self-aware.

Do You Recognize Your Emotions as You Experience Them?

In other words, could you tell someone what emotional state you're in while you're in it? Can you identify which emotions are driving your behavior? Or do you get overcome and upset and only later discover the emotions behind what you were feeling?

Answer this question as honestly and objectively as possible. People with high EI can identify their emotions as they feel them. They know how to regulate and control and thus appropriately handle emotions. If you don't think that you can, you could stand to improve your emotional intelligence.

Do Your Emotions Have a Strong Impact on How You Behave?

Are you generally in control of your emotions, or do they lead you? Consider a time recently when you've felt a strong emotion. Did you do or say anything rash? Or, despite what you were feeling, were you able to handle the situation calmly and appropriately?

Emotional intelligence gives you control over your emotions and provides coping mechanisms to help you deal with them.

Are You Curious about People?

Are you generally interested in other people, especially people you don't know? Emotionally intelligent people are good listeners and strongly empathetic. They take a sincere interest in other people. If this sounds like you, you probably have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Can You "Read" People?

Can you understand the emotions and motivations behind the things people do or say? Most people aren't genuinely self-aware, and this comes through in the way that they communicate. They may communicate through subtle phrases or body language hints, and they may not even be aware that they're doing it.

If you're emotionally intelligent, you can read these signals and understand the emotions behind them. This makes you an excellent communicator and empathetic person.

These five questions are far from thorough, but hopefully, they've given you some idea of where you stand in terms of emotional intelligence. Remember that EI is something you can learn and improve. Let this be a starting point for nurturing your emotional intelligence.

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