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I grew up in Kingston, Ontario where hockey was my ultimate dream. I was extremely fortunate that my talent and hard work earned me a scholarship to the Ivy League where I played hockey for the Brown University Bears. After graduating in 2006, before transitioning into the financial services industry, I spent two and half years playing semi-pro hockey throughout the U.S trying to make the big leagues.

Shortly after my career in hockey was over and I “hung up the skates”, I was lucky to connect with an old friend who helped get me involved in the fitness industry.  It’s from here where I learned so much about overall health and well being and it’s those things that have been paramount in my success both personally and professionally.


What I found is that, like anything in life, you can research more, dig deeper, go further, climb higher, etc but what I have learned is that it’s the littlest things that we can do every day that will actually help get us started.  The prologue, if you will. 

People do not plan on failing but people do fail to plan.

I help motivate people by always looking for a solution on how to achieve success or solve a problem and always being positive. Life is not too short but life is extremely valuable.

Make it a great day!

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